photos by  Marc Ritzema

photos by Marc Ritzema


Angelenos, we are lucky.  We bask in the cultural surroundings unlike any other city in the world. Like a waterfall, decades of flamboyant industry and exponential growth have cascaded upon each other, creating a vibrant present upon the diminishing past in our streets and neighborhoods. Art, fame and wealth collided with greed, passion and demand to create and recreate what Los Angeles was and is today.  Layers upon layers of history, magic and stories. This is the LA we like to uncover.

Have you ever seen a hillside staircase to no where?  Rail tracks that start and end with no rhyme or reason?  Maybe a faded, hand painted sign chipping away beneath flashy billboards.  Tunnels. Towers. You've seen it.  You've seen the same things we've seen.  There are still so many clues into the Golden life this great city offered its patrons.  Why was it built?  Where does it lead?  Why is it still there, hanging on? What else is out there?  Grab your bicycle. Come with us and let's go exploring!

The Los Angeles Explorers Club is a band of curious, urban adventurers in search of the secret places, treasures, stories and legends in our city.  And we do this on bikes.  Our rides are thoughtfully planned by guest curators around different themes and neighborhoods. 

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photo by Marc Ritzema